Saturday, July 4, 2009

My dream about Rev. Moon's helicopter accident

For decades i have had regular dreams about Rev. Moon. His followers believe this to be something very special, well, that must mean i am quite special as i dream about the man about every few weeks. I say this with a big smile of irony because in my dreams, Sun Myung Moon doesn't appear as the great king and messiah he is believed to be by Unificationists.

I won't share all of my dreams i had with and about Rev. Moon, but the dream of this blog was kind of special and informative. I got the dream on the day that he and his wife and 11 of his relatives and three crew members (according to this article) were involved in a helicopter accident. I did not hear of the accident until about one week later, when i read about it in the news. I do not recall whether i got the dream just before, during or after the accident, but i did get it on the same day, July 19, 2008.

Here's how the dream is recorded in my diary:

"IHTML clipboard dream that Moon and his whole family visit me in my house. He behaves as if he were messiah and as if he were very good. D (someone whom i know in the Unification Church) is also in the dream and acts as if he were my brother. Moon asks me to serve him. He is showing off how good he is and questions me why i lost faith in him. Moon's children are also there and are serving in a very demonstrative way.
Then we go all out on a trip. Moon sits next to me in the train.
Later in the dream i stand next to Moon on a very high bridge over water and over land. He sees someone jumping off the bridge and he wants to save the person and jumps behind him.
I still try to stop Moon because i saw that the person doesn't need to be saved, as he is only bungee jumping. The bungee-jumping person has no injuries but Moon lands on the ground underneath the bridge and is injured.
There comes an investigation and i am suspect of having thrown Moon off the bridge. I tell them that i tried to stop him from jumping."
I interpret the dream as meaning that Rev. Moon got the helicopter accident because he is trying to save people who are not in need of his salvation and Moon himself cannot even save them but only hurts himself. The accident is a warning to him.

I later heard that Moon spoke about angels who would have saved him from death through this accident. These angels were reportedly seen around the helicopter. But might it not just as well be that these angels did not try to save Moon but have actually caused the accident? There are not just good angels in spirits world. There are also those who try to cause harm to people.

Another thing i learn from this dream that in trying to save Moon from jumping to death or injury, i became suspect of having caused the problem. I know i am trying to reach out to people who misunderstand who Moon really is, and it has been my experience over the years that this made many Unificationist persecute me in all kinds of ways.

A few news articles about the helicopter accident

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