Saturday, July 4, 2009

Video: A new tomorrow, the early days of the UK Unification movement

When i see these images filmed in the early days of the Unification movement in the United Kingdom, i cannot escape to make a comparison between the movement today and in that time. And with all respect, the early time comes out better.

There is a lot of conviction, some might say arrogance, in the narrative that goes with the film. There is spoken of

the most beautiful farmhouse of the UK, not physically but spiritually ..... because here God's Kingdom is built....
There is shown the printing of booklets containing 'God's Word.' Then we see images of a campaign of a group of Unification Church members going out in a doubledecker bus, to do 'God's work.'

Yet it is undeniable that the people shown in the film are happy and energetic. There is shown work on a farm, a tractor plowing the land, Rev. Moon planting a tree. This looks quite different from the large-scale peace conferences with celebrities from around the world.

Also Rev. Moon and his wife look like people you can love, unlike how they appear to me today. There are scenes of joyful singing and Rev. Moon giving a speech translated by Bo Hi Pak, one of Moon's elder disciples. Also Young Whi Kim, one of the first three disciples of Sun Myung Moon is shown for a short moment. Moon's voice in that time still sounded attractive.

At the end of the video you see members taking off in a chartered airplane to America, to restore that nation.

That's my impression of the videos, now see for yourself.

Here are the links to the videos on YouTube:

And here is the text as posted with the videos on YouTube:
This film, provides a great insight into the early years of the Unification Movement in the UK with footage of Reverend Moon making a holy ground in the village of Stanton FItzwarren. You can catch the enthusiasm and the spirit of dedication that the pioneers of the British movement had, and how creative they were in carrying out what they saw as their mission.

As always it also provides a helpful perspective on the present day when we are able to look back more than 30 years ago and see how everything was. As people's voices and cars have changed over the last 3 decades, so has the Unification Church.

How we live today is obviously so different, and it is a sign of how fast the world is always changing. All the more reason to always dig deep inside our heart to remember our identity and have a sense of where we come from.

Note: the sound in the latter part of the second video was missing when i watched it.

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