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Rev. Moon's Bering Strait Peace King Tunnel Project

Sun Myung Moon and his Universal Peace Federation have planned to make a tunnel and bridge crossing the Bering Strait to directly connect Russia and the US and to strengthen the ties between two former enemies. A video on the site of Universal Peace Television shows some of their ideas. To watch the video please click here or on the picture below. On the site, scroll down in the right box under the tab 'shows' until you find the video 'Peace King Tunnel Project.'

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The video shows a special forum held at the US Capitol Hill Building on May 17, 2006, promoting US and Russian relations and a bridge across the Bering Strait. The forum wanted Russia and the US to develop better relations in order to counter problems in the world such as posed by North Korea and Iran.
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Some of the attendees shown in the video

  • Thomas Pickering, former US ambassador to Russia, declaring that global actions must come to link the world closer then ever before.
  • Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary-General of UPF, who at the forum stated his vision of humanity as one global family and that the project is high in significance of symbolic value for the sake of peace between two former enemies, Russia and the US.
  • Joseph R. Henri, former Commissioner Office of Budget & Mgmt., State of Alaska
  • George Koumal, President Bering Strait Tunnel & Railroad Group, saying that we should open the door wide in the West for our Russian neighbor.
  • Edward D. Lozansky, President Russia House / Kontinent USA, who spoke about making a good business plan for the tunnel and then to lobby Congress.
  • Robert Corbisier, State of Alaska, Governor's Office.
What to think about the plan

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While the desire for good relations between the US and Russia and for global peace may seem a noble motive, questions should be asked whether now is the time for the West to promote more cooperation with Russia. The West and Russia, and also China to an extent, are increasingly working together to counter perceived enemies such as North Korea and Iran.

For example, HTML clipboardDeputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn III told Congress on June 16, 2009 that the Obama administration is exploring ways to involve two Russian radar installations in a missile-defense system for Central Europe to defend against an Iranian missile threat.

Recently China and Russia backed the US adopting a UN resolution to put sanctions on North Korea after its president Kim Jong Il threatened the West with nuclear attacks.

Now this may all seem fair and reasonable in light of the threats or perceived threats posed by Iran and North Korea, but according to this German magazine Spiegel article of December 14, 2006, the Kremlin is riddled with former KGB agents. The magazine quotes a study that suggests that 78 percent of the elite in Putin's Russia have a KGB background.

clipboardChina of course also is still a socialist republic, or a people's democratic dictatorship according to its constitution, ruled by the Communist Party of China under a single-party system (see this Wikipedia article).

Russia, according to Soviet-era dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, is still ruled by communists. In an article published on Bukovsky argues that the West rather than having won the Cold War, has lost it.

Already in 1984, Anatoliy Golitsyn, a Soviet KGB defector andHTML clipboard author of two books about long-term deception strategy of the KGB leadership, warned the world of KGB plans to lull the West into a false sense of security. In 1995 he stated that the power of the KGB remains as great as ever. (see this Wikipedia article about Golitsyn)

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