Wednesday, July 1, 2009

One world of peace under Rev. Moon?

Last night i watched a video on the site of Universal Peace Television. This is of course another one of Sun Myung Moon's organizations. They don't allow embedding the videos and there's not even a url for single videos. To watch the video yourself, please click here or on the picture below. It leads you to the page of that i took the screenshot. Scroll down in the right box under the tab 'shows' until you find the video 'Mongolian Federation for World Peace.'

Screenshot, use Ctr+ to enlarge picture

The video shows a meeting held in Seoul, South Korea, April 9-12, 2006. The conference was called "Mongolian Peoples' Federation for World Peace Assembly III and had the theme 'The Core Values of Mongolian Civilization and their Relevance to World Peace.'

To see the video was rather shocking to me. On the one hand, the Unificationists managed to get together representatives from over 70 countries, several of them having important political or other influential positions in society. But when i hear speaking Mr. Chung Hwan Kwak, one of Moon's elder disciples, about the need to bring all the people of the world together in one global unity, it is where it's getting creepy. Because i also saw videos in which Rev. Moon declared himself the 'emperor of the universe' and the 'king of the world.'

So all people of the world have to come together, become one race under their father Sun Myung Moon? What about cultural diversity? What about all those beautiful indigenous traditions from which we can learn and acquire wisdom? Is that all meant to disappear?

Rev. Moon is a grandiose marriage broker who matched tens of thousands of couples, often bringing together spouses of different skin colors. It's beautiful when a black person marries someone white, but should this be programmed from above?

I have often seen documentaries of Mongolia and through that came to love their original people. However, when speakers testify of the greatness of the Mongolian people in relation to bringing world peace, i cannot but be reminded of that terrifying Mongolian Djengis Khan, who wanted to rule the world and who trained his armies to invade other countries to build the largest land empire that ever existed. At its greatest extent, the Mongolian Empire comprised almost exactly the territory that was occupied by communist countries such as the Soviet Union, China and Eastern Europe in the 20th century.

The orange line shows the extent of the Mongol Empire in the late 13th century. The red areas are the places dominated by ethnic Mongols. From Wikipedia

A portion of Mongolian society still highly reveres Djengis Khan. I don't like to think of Sun Myung Moon ruling over a world empire. Of course, Moon's methods to gain control are not through military means, but once the Khans had control over their empire also they were known for having brought peace to all the peoples they controlled.

Viewing the video really was something close to a nightmare. Here are all these people thinking they could impose peace upon us from above. This isn't a grass root movement. The Unificiationists focus heavily on witnessing to those with powerful positions in society. The conference as shown in the video seems to have much resemblance to Bilderberg meetings and personally, i am more scared of what the open Moon meetings are capable of than what the Bilderberg Group might do to the world.

Looking at the people in the video, it occurs to me that there are three categories of people attending conferences organized by Sun Myung Moon's followers. First there are the organizers like Mr. Chung Hwan Kwak. At the conference he is a main speaker and his way of speaking gives me the creeps. These organizers seem to be very well in control of what they are doing. The second category are the members of Moon's organizations who have learned to serve the invitees and who were conditioned to all speak with one voice. The third category of course are the guests, who give me the impression to believe they are doing a good thing, but i cannot get rid of the thought that at least part of their friendliness toward Moon comes from having their travel, hotel and dinner expenses being paid for by the Unificationists.

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