Thursday, July 2, 2009

My thoughts about Sun Myung Moon

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Most people are making two typical mistakes about Sun Myung Moon. The one error is to think that he has always been evil. The other blunder is to believe that he is just entirely good.

When you think that Moon has always been evil, you make the mistake that you don't realize that Moon was once chosen by God for a central mission. When you believe he is good, you don't understand how he has fallen and failed his original task.

In either case, you won't really grasp the work God did with him and you won't catch how he came under evil influence. You're short in understanding of both God's work and of how people who were once chosen can fall under evil temptations.

I have been a member of the Unification Church for a number of years. When i joined the movement it was not because i thought that i would find God there. At the time i knew i had to go a course inside of that movement, but of course i wasn't yet aware of what really was going on. After years in the Unification Church and of studying their principles and Rev. Moon's teaching it came to a point that members chased me out. I was kicked out because i understood too much, i had come to see too much of the evils going on there, i had heard too many testimonies of members who had told me about what they had experienced. These testimonies came from members who had been sexually abused by leaders and who had been forced to do things they didn't really want to do.

Although i was tempted to altogether reject the Unification Church, i did not do that. From the time on that i lived outside of the Unification Church, i felt compelled to go on studying Moon and his movement. There was nothing true of the warnings that members gave that after you left the church you would come into a deep hell. My life was so much better in all respects outside of the Unification Church, except for one thing: ever since i had to leave that church their members have given me hell by persecuting me.

They are ignorant fools for the largest part. Some of them are not ignorant. They are sometimes idiots who want to keep what they have gotten, influence and power over other people. Sometimes they are really evil, in complete awareness of the reality that they don't believe in God, don't pray to God, but nevertheless always speak about God.

To which category does Moon belong? He is a case on its own. One answer that i got from God in my many prayers about Moon was that he is like a stubborn pig. Do you want him to go left, he goes right, do you want him to go right, he goes left. But knowing this, you steer him to the right if you want him to go left, and vice versa. This is how i believe that God had to work with that great master Sun Myung Moon.

He was a chosen one, but a chosen one with many big problems.

Why did God choose him for an important mission? I believe that this has to do with restoration of the past. Always, everything that we experience in life is to restore the mistakes of history. Moon has his particular role to play in the house of God's providence of restoration. I won't go into details here, but if you wish to find out more, contact me.

Rev. Moon has received great gifts from God and many of these are passed on to his children. Yet, in the latter part of his life, Moon has fallen into the habit of misusing his blessings for himself. Although he still speaks about God as he did in the earlier years of his ministry, he doesn't pray anymore to God. He prays to himself now, believing that he stands above God, that God needs him and that he did things that not even God couild accomplish. For example, Moon believes that he were capable of loving Satan more than God did and therefore he would have liberated God. It is based on such kind of nonsense thoughts that he did the most terrible thing any created being could ever do to God Almighthy.... he crowned God to king. Do you realize what this means? Only someone who stands above God could do such a thing. Moon actually tried to degrade God to a puppet of Moon's own making.

Moon always had a desire to be big and great, to have people look up to him. But he also had the wish to serve God. I don't know how deep that latter craving was in him. Maybe he wanted to obey God so he could achieve much in his life. Fact is that at a certain point in his later life, Moon came to stand for a difficult choice. Already he had built up a worldwide foundation and he had suffered much. But many things had gone wrong and he knew that very well. He knew that he would have to start all over again because his entire mission had become a failure, that he had come under the influence of followers who were only out for money and power, who had flattered him and who had come to dominate him. Yet, Moon at that point felt that he had suffered his entire life to reach the success that was now his harvest. He saw that the world would open for him and lie at his feet and he deliberately and consciously made the choice to take that harvest and to not do God's will to start all over again.

After this he wasn't anymore capable to pass on God's revelations. His speeches became empty and external. He told people to obey and respect him and to work for peace in the world and influence in society. He made friends with many evil rulers in the world. Right now his powerful foundation has become worthless in the eyes of any person loving God. He is bribing politicians and other influential figures with his big bags of money.

I don't believe that Rev. Moon can still change before he dies. He may still utter a few words of repentance in his deathbed. Rev. Moon is not important anymore. He is a figure of the past. What still is important is what God has invested in his children, his grandchildren and the most earnest ones of his followers.

That i have set up this blog is to reach out to them.

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  1. Rev. Moon has indeed fallen; but my Father Jesus sent his Servant John to restore him if possible or even impossible.

    If we cannot then Rev. Moon will be "cut asunder" as it is written of him in the Gospel as the "Faithful and Wise Steward/servant" of Luke and Matthew.

    But I ask that even if this does happen and he dies as John the Baptist did in the palace of Herod that they realize who I am; and that John is the Voice of the Shepherd: the Holy Spirit; the Lover of Mankind; for the Holy Spirit of God is Jehovah Himself; for as the first angel of the Son of Man says at the Everlasting Gospel now that the Hour of Judgement is here is these words; 14:14 of the Revelation; to wit;

    "and the one who sits upon the Throne of God is your Father Jesus; who by sitting down hath created a New Heaaven and a new Earth".

    I can restore Rev. Moon as the Greater can restore the Lesser; for John is the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven; who raised me from the dead as jesus raised Lazurus; for the Prodigal Son is Solomon; even as Rev. Moon is John: the baptist; who was named for Jonathan; as Jesus was David; his best friend, the "angel" of the Covenant David and Jonathan swore between them: with a love surpassing that of men for women; the love that will destroy the Men of Sodom and the Women of Babylon.

    But enough; here it begins; for good will come of it; and ill to those who scoff and heap scorn: they shall know when the Proof is manifest in my words : but then it will be too late; as at the Door of the Ark; those who had gaith came in by believing Noah; after the Last Day the Door was shut: and the Rain showed up: the Proof;

    " and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth"

    I ask those like the humble and gracious Lover of Truth to heed me and my message even as I have heeded hers;

    Bless thee all: always...

    The Wrath of The Lamb

    christopher witt diamant

  2. Thank you for your comment, dear Christopher

    If you indeed are the greater who can and must restore the lesser, i think you better focus on Moon's children, because Moon's time is over. There is only a very slight chance that he will utter some words of repentance, out of fear for death, hardly to be taken seriously, just before he dies. It would still make a difference, if Moon did this. He knows very well that he failed. He knows it very well.

    That's why i advise you to focus on his children from now on, as you seem to be doing through your love for Hyo Jin Moon.

    BUT: if you really are the greater, then you need to fulfill your responsibility as such, not just by 'restoring' Sun Myung Moon, but by taking upon you the task that he failed. What that task is? You know that very well. Yet this is not only a matter of restoring the person Moon, it is necessary also to bring clarity to the confused followers of Moon.

    It's done out of love. And the problems to be solved are huge.

  3. man, this is so epic fail -_____- i don't even know where to start. let me try to break it down bit my bit.

    i don't mind you saying that the members were idiots and ignorant fools, because that is probably not far from the truth, but when you start talking about father in such a way...oh boy. fail =/

    1. how were you "chased" and "kicked" out? i'm sure there is much more to the story then you are saying.
    2. "he doesn't pray anymore to God"....what?! where did you get that information? thats about all he does is pray to god.
    3. moon "degrade God"??? i think you are totally misunderstanding those statements sir.
    4. failed mission?

    sorry if i am being rude.

  4. I will go along with your breakdown of points.

    1. Of course there is more to the story then i am saying how i was chased and kicked out. But i have written down the main points above. To summarize: i had seen many bad things going on in the church, hypocrisy, and more. When i brought this to the attention of leaders, in private, they did not accept it. Must i tell you all the stories about members who had been forced or tempted into sex with leaders of highest positions? Must i tell you of how money was 'earned' by deceit and how people were lied to just to make them members? I did not approve of such things and i believed and still believe these problems should be addressed properly and not shoveled under a carpet.

    2. After i had to leave the church (basically to save my own life, but i imagine that's hard for you to believe), i desired for only one thing, to come back. For many years i thought that if Rev. Moon only knew about what goes in his church, he would bring about changes, but gradually by finding out more about him and through more experiences and much prayer, i came to realize that Rev. Moon did know of many of these things but did not make effort to stop it.

    There is a way of 'prayer' in which people believe they pray to God but don't anymore listen to God. They start speaking to themselves as if they were God. This is what i know has happened to Rev. Moon. This was a gradual process. It's not something that anybody could prove. I am just stating what i know to be true and what i found out in prayer, again and again. It's up to you to make up your own mind.

    3. When i speak about Rev. Moon's degrading of God i mean his crowning God to king of kings of the universe. It is not up to any human, not even to Rev. Moon if he were whom he says he is, to crown God. God is not to be crowned. God's almightiness is to be recognized by us. The one who crowns stands higher than the one who is crowned. The father can crown the son to become king. The son cannot crown the father. It is as simple as that. That is what i mean with degrading God.

    4. Failed mission: yes, Rev. Moon failed his mission. I am absolutely certain about that. That many people follow him and accept him as messiah doesn't mean that he fulfilled in God's eyes. The Kingdom of Heaven is not a worldly kingdom. God did not like it when the Israelites wanted a king like the neighboring countries had when Saul became king. The kingship of a messiah is of another dimension. How can you combine the fact that Rev. Moon himself declared many times that the 36 couples failed, that the Unification Church failed, but that he himself fulfilled? A messiah fulfills by the fulfillment of those who follow him. A messiah cannot fulfill when the ones following fail.
    I know that Rev. Moon explains this by saying he paid the indemnity. But you cannot take the sins of somebody else away. Sin is deep inside of sinful people and they won't just change their ways because someone else paid a price for them. Sin can be solved only by people fulfilling their own responsibility.
    Rev. Moon becomes messiah for one person when that one person is fulfilling. Then you be that person because of following Rev. Moon and i shall acknowledge Rev. Moon as messiah!

    Having said all this, i want to make clear that i don't feel to be against Rev. Moon. I have always had great sympathy for him, for his wife and even more for his children. This may be hard for you to believe, but it is the truth.

    It's good that you have strong conviction. When you keep it and are willing to check it you will come to the truth. I am not asking you to believe anything i am saying. I am just stating what i believe to be true and i am always willing to look at new viewpoints. Give me those viewpoints and i shall be open and check them and pray about them and if necessary come to new conclusions.